Updated 4th November 2020

During this 4 week lockdown in England, we will still be seeing pets and farm animals that need us. We will be following Royal College of Vet Surgeons & British Veterinary Association advice. Some of our team are working remotely. We are all working to keep everyone as safe as possible during this pandemic. If you are not sure if your pet needs to be seen by a vet, please ring us on 01308 456771 & we can advise you.

  • We will see any animal that already has an appointment/surgery booked in during November.
  • If your pet is due a booster (& you will still receive a booster reminder), you can still book an appointment, but it will be booked in December, after lockdown ends. We need to encourage everyone to stay at home, unless an animal needs our care.
  • Neutering (spay & castration) surgeries not already booked in will be postponed until after lockdown
  • We will see puppies and kittens for their vaccination courses and any that are due to have their 2nd vaccinations during lockdown.
  • We will continue to see any sick animals.
  • If your pet needs less urgent services, eg claws clipped or anal glands emptied, please try to postpone these appointments until after lockdown where possible.
  • We can still sell food (in stock or next day contactless outdoor collection from the practice), medicines, flea, tick and worm treatments. Please phone ahead at least 24 hours in advance (or order online on our website) to order any medicines or food. We are very busy processing orders with a great system in place. We can also post some medicines to you.
  • Farmers – please can you give us at least 24 hours notice to sort and dispense your orders.
  • Please don’t just arrive at the practice without a collection appointment or a vet/nurse appointment. Clients cannot enter the building. Thankyou for your support and understanding.

We have safety measures in place. We please ask that you:

  • Wear a face covering and follow social distancing guidelines
  • 1 person to come to the practice per pet please (or at least only 1 person to get out of the car to speak to the vet/nurse)
  • Please give your vehicle details (make, model & colour) to the receptionist when you book your appointment or advise us if you are walking. Please inform us before you arrive if you will be coming in a different vehicle to what you told us originally.
  • Please wait in your car or take a seat in the wooden shelter. The vet/nurse may ring you to discuss your pet (please be aware that this may come up as ‘no caller id’ on your phone). They will then come out to you and collect your pet. Each appointment is 15 mins so you will be asked to wait whilst your pet is seen. The vet/nurse may ring you with any further questions/discuss finding and treatment options and then bring your pet back out to you.
  • If your pet is coming for a surgery, one of our nurse team will ring you when you arrive for your admission appointment to go through consent form questions & arrange a collection time. They will then come out and collect your pet. The same procedure will be followed when you collect your pet.
  • Please ensure when coming to the practice that your pet is in a secure carrier / has a secure collar/harness on. You can purchase pet carriers & accessories from the practice.
  • Our preferred payment method is by card (at the end of the consultation) & a team member will come out to you. Alternatively, you can pay by phone or pay by BACS payment (details at the bottom of the itemised bill).

Updated 15 October 2020

We are being as safe as possible for our team and clients alike. We are working hard to provide as full a service as possible with our great team of vets, nurses & support staff; some of our team are working remotely. We now have a wooden shelter in our back yard that 2 clients can wait in (1 person with each pet please, wearing a face covering). We also still have a gazebo to provide some shelter, as we head into autumn & winter.

Please give our reception team your colour, make and model of vehicle you’ll be coming to the practice in, or tell us if you’re walking. Once you arrive at the practice car park, our vets/nurses will see that you have arrived using cctv & come out to your car & see you with your pet.

If no-one has come out to you after 15mins, please ring the practice. Once the vet/nurse has spoken to you, your pet will be taken into the practice to be weighed, be examined & treated. The vet will either ring your mobile if you have one, or come out to the carpark to speak to you about your pet, if treatment options need to be discussed. Then one of our team will come out with your statement to take a card payment in the car park.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.