Updated 15 October 2020

We are being as safe as possible for our team and clients alike. We are working hard to provide as full a service as possible with our great team of vets, nurses & support staff; some of our team are working remotely. We now have a wooden shelter in our back yard that 2 clients can wait in (1 person with each pet please, wearing a face covering). We also still have a gazebo to provide some shelter, as we head into autumn & winter.

Please give our reception team your colour, make and model of vehicle you’ll be coming to the practice in, or tell us if you’re walking. Once you arrive at the practice car park, our vets/nurses will see that you have arrived using cctv & come out to your car & see you with your pet.

If no-one has come out to you after 15mins, please ring the practice. Once the vet/nurse has spoken to you, your pet will be taken into the practice to be weighed, be examined & treated. The vet will either ring your mobile if you have one, or come out to the carpark to speak to you about your pet, if treatment options need to be discussed. Then one of our team will come out with your statement to take a card payment in the car park.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.