Interesting Cases

Our expert vets see some interesting cases here at Bredy Vets and we wanted to share some with you.

Muffin the Cat

Muffin the cat was involved in a road traffic accident. Muffin is a year old black and white cat who used up nearly all of his nine lives in one go in May!

A stray living in the Allington area of Bridport he was rushed into our surgery one saturday night after being seen to be run over by a taxi. The driver did not stop but fortunately some animal loving bystanders brought him in to us for emergency treatment. He was initially given pain relief as we waited to see if he would pull through the shock. To our amazement he strengthened day by day and stabilised over the weekend.

X- rays showed the extent of his injuries, a badly fractured pelvis and worse still a diaphragmatic hernia. This meant a large proportion of his abdominal contents (guts and liver) were now sitting within his chest and so squashing his lungs. Again we could not quite believe he was still with us and seeming to be better day by day! Although the pelvic injury was likely to heal by itself given time and strict rest we would have to correct the hernia if he was to return to a normal life.

We still considered him too weak to undergo the massive surgery he would need to correct this condition and so while he built his strength we tried to find his owner. Despite appeals in the Bridport News no one came forward, though we had several enquires from other people wishing to offer him a home in the future.

Just over a week after his terrible accident Muffin went to surgery to correct his internal hernia, nearly all his liver and part of his stomach and small intestine was lying in his chest. We replaced these in his abdomen and repaired the huge tear in his diaphragm, all the time with our fingers crossed he would pull through. This sort of surgery can be a huge shock to the circulation and many animals do not survive the operation. Muffin however must have had just one life still remaining and pulled through remarkably well. He was even starting to walk on his fractured pelvis!

We found him a lovely new home to go to and now a few months down the line all his hair has grown back and, apart from a slight limp from his pelvic injury, you would never know all he had been through.

Muffin also owes a big thankyou to the lady who rescued him that fateful day and the local branch of the RSPCA who both made generous donations to help towards to cost of his treatments.

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