Farm Animals

At Bredy Vets, our small, dedicated, and experienced team of vets provide a wide range of large animal services to our local farmers. We treat dairy, beef, sheep, goats, camelids, pigs and poultry, as well as other exotic species.

We deal with large herds as well as small-holdings. Our 24 hour emergency call out service enables us to provide a highly responsive service at all times, as well as being available to discuss any problems or give advice over the phone, no matter how big or small.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Treatment of individual animals.

  • Herd/flock investigations and management.

  • Routine DEFRA tests such as pre-movement and annual TB tests.

  • Planned health and fertility visits with the use of ultrasound scanners.

  • We use NMR Interherd software to organise routine fertility visits for dairy herds and to investigate herd health problems in dairy herds. We can also help farmers use their own Interherd software, and to combine Interherd information with information from websites such as the NMR’s Herd Companion.

  • Ram Fertility Examinations

  • TB Advisory Service (TBAS)

  • Pregnancy Scanning of small sheep flocks

  • Castrations of calves, piglets etc

  • Disbudding/de-horning of cattle and goats

  • Ram vasectomies

  • Farmer support, training and meetings.

  • In-house laboratory test eg worm & fluke egg counts. Access to several external labs for other tests.

  • Post-mortem examinations.

  • A large stock of drugs kept at the surgery for repeat prescriptions eg milking/dry cow tubes. Small quantities of some drugs can be dispensed for small-holders.

  • BVD - Vets that are BVD Accredited Advisors

  • Johne‘s - We have 3 vets who are Johne’s disease Accredited Vet Advisors

  • Mobility Scoring: We have 2 members of our team who are RoMS Accreditied Scorers

  • Small-holder advice & treatment of sick animals

  • Milksure training

  • NOAH Animal Medicines Best Practice training courses

  • General Anaesthetics in farm animals for surgery/Xrays at the Practice

  • Vet Tech services such as Artificial Insemination & Pregnancy Diagnosis by our Approved TB tester Mimi Machin

We have a friendly and helpful reception team, and sufficient vets to be able to provide continuity to our clients and the best quality of care to the animals.