Our Facilities

The practice doubled in size during 2012, adding to an excellent, existing purpose-built practice. We have all the facilities you would expect of a modern and well-equipped veterinary practice catering for the needs of pets and farm animals. When you arrive at our practice, you’ll be pleased to find a large car park with easy access and plenty of spaces and when you come inside we hope you’ll be comfortable in our large waiting room with separate areas for cats and dogs. Our friendly reception team will be pleased to welcome you.

The best way to see our Facilities before you even arrive is to view our Virtual Tour of the Practice.

The care and comfort of our patients is of the utmost importance to us and our facilities are purpose built to ensure any visit to the vets is as worry free as possible. Our separate cat and dog wards ensure that stress levels are kept to a minimum and our air conditioned and heating building means that any visit or stay with us is comfortable.

We have everything we need to ensure your pets access the best possible care. Alongside all the equipment you would expect of a modern practice, we’ve got a variety of specialist equipment which helps us to help your pets.

Our Pet Care Facilities

  • A digital Xray machine, producing high quality images. We can email these to specialists if required.

  • An Ultrasound Scanner (new in 2016) for scanning hearts (echocardiography), chest, abdomens and for pregnancy diagnosis.

  • A rigid video endoscope, which is a camera to look up noses (rhinoscopy), bladders (cytoscopy), ears (otoscopy), airways (bronchoscopy).

  • 2 spacious surgical theatres, both with piped gases, air conditioning & special surgical tables.

  • Dental equipment: We have an ultrasonic descaler & drill with all the tools to do dentistry on dogs & cats, as well as equipment to manage rabbit teeth

  • A ‘lift & lower’ table in our prep room, with a non-slip cushioned mat so that large dogs can step onto the table at a low level & gently be raised for examination or procedures like blood sampling and nail clipping, rather than being lifted by us. Much easier for everyone, including the dog!

  • A full range of in-house laboratory equipment including microscopes and analysers which enable us to perform a full range of blood, urine and faecal testing in the practice for accurate and fast results and diagnosis.

  • Ophthalmoscopes & auroscopes specifically designed to help us to examine your pet’s eyes & ears.

  • Laryngoscopes to examine back of your pet’s mouth and throat & and which we us to induce general anaesthesia.

  • ECG (electro-cardiogram) machine as well as an i-phone ECG which makes it much easier to record an ECG trace from an animal without the need for attaching clips to 4 areas of the dogs body as would otherwise be required.

Our Farm Animal Facilities

  • Two Fully portable ‘Easi-scan’ farm animal ultrasound machines (with ‘bug’ goggles & battery pack so no need to plug-in), for cattle fertility work & diagnosing pregnancy.

  • Bovine calf scour test kits.

  • Worm egg counts done at the practice.

  • Drive-through back yard at the practice – easy access for farm vehicles/trailers for examination of calves, sheep, goats.

  • Walk-in kennels large enough for sheep, goats, calves etc.

  • Facilities & equipment to perform general anaesthesia & surgery on young & low bodyweight farm animals inside the practice eg. umbilical hernia repair, goat kid disbudding, ewe caesarians.