Vet Nurse Services

We cater for all your pet care needs from our purpose built surgery in Bridport. Below are some of the services which you may find useful to help keep your pets happy and healthy.


We recommend microchipping your pet, whether he/she is a dog, cat, rabbit or reptile. It became law from 6 April 2016 that you must microchip your dog, by 8 weeks of age. When you purchase a pup after this date, they should already be chipped & registered to the breeder. You should be given information by the breeder to be able to change the ownership details to you. We are unable to do this for you, but our receptionists can provide help and give you the correct contact telephone number for the microchip company concerned.

We have different types of microchip available:-

  1. Standard microchip
  2. Mini microchip – the needle & chip is half the size of the standard needle. This chip is for small-breed dogs, cats, rabbits & reptiles.

Puppy Parties : these are not running due to Covid

The main purpose of these puppy parties is to socialise your puppy with other puppies of a similar age. They run on weekday mornings by one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses & last for about an hour. Puppies must have had their 1st or 2nd vaccination, but not yet explored the big wide world.

All aspects of owning a puppy are discussed & the puppies are allowed to play together, in a relaxed environment at the practice. There are 2 parties in total:-

Week 1: Basic training – attention, sit, down,  handling & ‘how to perform a nose to tail check’, body scores, neutering, Pet Health Plans – see PHP, worming & flea treatment (with use of the consult room to aid confidence), socialization & habituation.

Week 2: Recall using consult room and waiting room, handling, dental care and teeth cleaning, swapping pups over to see if another person can get them to perform sit etc and handle them plus talk regarding fleas, ticks & worms with gory examples! We also include a weight check.

At both sessions we talk about bite inhibition, toilet training and general puppy-hood behaviour as well as advice on feeding and exercise.

Please express your interest by asking a receptionist to add your name to the list & a Vet Nurse will be in touch with you.

There is a small charge of £5 per class.

We also occasionally invite a guest speaker to give an evening presentation on specific topics to puppy owners.

For further information about any of our pet care services, please contact our friendly reception team by telephone on 01308 456 771.