This guidance provides further information about what you can expect from Bredy Vets during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What to expect when you come to the practice for an appointment.

When booking your appointment, you will be asked for the details of the vehicle you will be driving to the practice or if you’ll be arriving on foot. This is because when you arrive in the car park, we are using CCTV to see when you arrive, then we can let the vet know you are here. Please inform us of any change in contact details. Where possible, we please ask that only 1 person comes with each pet to the practice. There is no need to ring the practice when you get here.

Please park your car close to the building, whilst remembering to socially distance from other members of the public where possible.

We are asking you to wait in/near your car, where a vet will come out to discuss your pet at a safe distance. Please respect the 2m/6ft distance.

Please bear in mind that sometimes more than one vet is consulting at any one time, so it may appear that a vet is seeing someone else first that arrived after you. Please ring the practice if you have been waiting for more than 15 mins after your appointment time – we may not have seen you.

The vet/nurse will take your pet into the practice to examine & treat him/her. They will then return your pet, discuss any findings & plan treatment/further appointments. Then you will be able to pay by card on a wireless card machine brought out into the carpark.

Ordering and collecting any medication:  You can order medicines including flea/tick/worm treatments and food through our website ‘’. Alternatively, you can ring us to order. We ask that you allow at least 24 hours notice, ideally 3 working days as some of the items may need to be ordered.  We will ask you to pay over the phone before collection. A time will be arranged for you to collect your items. When coming to collect, park in the car park as usual and make your way to our collection box at the rear of the building (there are signs to direct you). Please try to collect at your allotted time, this is to allow only 1 person to collect at any one time, prevent having too many items being in the box at any one time, also you can easily identify your medication without having to touch other packages.

If you are unable to find your package in the box, please ring the practice 01308 456771 and one of the team will help you.

We are now pleased to be able to offer more services:

  • Vet appointments for more routine things as well as for urgent or emergency situations. If you are not sure whether your pet needs to be seen urgently, please ring us & we will triage over the phone first.
  • Telephone vet appointments
  • Some surgeries including spays/castrations (as well as emergency surgeries when necessary)
  • Flea/tick & worm treatments (please note that we have now resumed our flea/worm reminders that will be sent by email or text message).
  • Dog boosters (please note that we are not currently sending vaccination reminders – we are inviting you & your dog in for their vaccination appointment –we are currently working on July 2020 boosters). Please do not ring us – we will contact you.
  • Cat boosters (please note that we are not currently sending vaccination reminders – we are inviting you & your cat in for their vaccination appointment. We were restricted to only giving boosters to cats that were 3 months overdue for their booster – this has now been lifted). We are now working on June 2020 boosters. Please do not ring us – we will contact you.
  • Rabbit vaccinations (we have a new triple rabbit vaccination now that with 1 injection, protects against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic diseases types 1 & 2). Please note that we are not currently sending vaccination reminders – we will contact you to invite you & your rabbit in. We are now working on June 2020 boosters. Please do not ring us – we will contact you.
  • Rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats can be given in certain circumstances – please contact us so we can risk assess each situation. We are not currently sending out rabies booster reminders.
  • Full emergency out of hours service with our own vets

We are currently unable to offer nurse clinic appointments, but for urgent services that a nurse would usually provide, a vet can see you instead, but a higher charge will apply.

Ways to Pay:

Please note: the contactless payment limit has been raised to £45. Applepay & Googlepay (app on your phone linked to a card) have no limits & they enable contactless payments.

  • We can take payment using our card machines outside in the car park
  • We can take payment over the phone
  • We can give you a statement which has our bank details on so that you can make a payment by BACS
  • We will soon be able to text/email you a link to make a payment