Farm clients will have received letters from APHA advising them that from 1st July 2021, their cattle herds will be TB tested every six-months, unless they can meet either of the following criteria:

  1. “the herd has been in existence for at least six years, and has not had a TB breakdown in that six-year period, (including breakdowns where no lesion and/or culture positive animals were disclosed).  A single break from keeping cattle of less than four months during the six-year period is permitted.  Additionally, breaks of less than one month are permitted to account for “all-in, all-out systems”,
  2. the herd is participating in a bovine TB health scheme licensed by the Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHECS) and has a score of level 1 or above.  Please note that this does not include CHECS TB entry level membership.”

So, if your herd has had a reactor found on the skin test, the only way you can become eligible for testing annually, (rather than every 6mths), is to join a CHECS scheme. 

We recommend our farm clients join the Premium Cattle Health Scheme.  You can find their application form here.  

Though the letter from APHA apparently precludes CHECS TB Entry Level Membership, farmers will have to successfully complete the Entry Level Membership, before they can gain an accredited CHECS TB score of 1 or more.