This guidance provides further information about what you can expect from Bredy Vets during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our Open Day is Coming Up!

In April 2020, Bredy Veterinary Centre turns 35! We’re proud to have been serving the Bridport community since 1985 and look forward to doing so into the future.

Help us celebrate our anniversary at our OPEN DAY on 25th April 2020.

Get your pet’s vaccinations up to date!

Get your pet’s vaccinations up to date with our February offer!

Healthy Weight Month in January!

Our pets benefit from a balanced diet that’s tailored to their particular needs, along with right amount of exercise for their age and abilities. Here we look at a few tips for keeping your pet in great shape.

Watch out for Christmas Hazards!

Christmas is a time for celebration… not a time when you want an unexpected trip to the vets! It’s important to remember that Christmas can create additional hazards for our pets. So here’s some top tips to stay safe this Christmas.

Dental Month In November!

Have you ever tried to clean your pet’s teeth?

Well, It’s not exactly easy is it! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got cats, dogs, rabbits or any other type of pet – routing around in their mouth is likely to put your fingers at risk!

Firework fears…

Our pets can’t understand what fireworks are about. To them, the loud noises and bright flashes are scary and unexpected and our pets often want to escape from what is a high-stress situation for them.

Senior Pet Health

As vets, we tend to consider that cats and dogs become senior around the age of 8, but of course our pets are likely to age at different rates and may be affected differently by the ageing process.

Enter our Fun in the Sun Competition

We’d love it if you’d take part in our Fun in the Sun Competition this month!

Say “No’ to Parasites!

No one really likes to think about the parasites which can feed on our pets. The thought of worms crawling around inside our pet’s body and fleas and ticks sucking their blood isn’t an appealing thought.